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LOT 18:

Responsa Yoru Mishpatecha L'Ya'akov, by Rabbi Ya'akov Abuchatzera The Abir Ya'akov - First Edition, Jerusalem 1885.

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Responsa Yoru Mishpatecha L'Ya'akov, one hundred and forty-five halakhic responsa, most of them in the laws of Choshen Mishpat, by Rabbi Ya'akov Abuchatzera "The Abir Ya'akov".
Jerusalem, 1885. First edition, published by his son Rabbi Aharon, with letters of agreement from the greatest rabbis of that generation.
Rabbi Ya'akov z "l did not agree to print his books in his life, and often his eldest son, Mas'ud, asked him to give him permission to print his books, Rabbi Ya'akov answered him that he would come to him in a dream after his death and inform him if his books were desired before God, And so it was that after the death of the tzadik he came to his son in a dream and told him to try to print the books.
[9] 156 leaves.
Good condition. Moth holes. Tear to last few pages on margins of page without damaging text.

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