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LOT 84:

The Bicurim ceremony on Shavuot. Eretz Israel - Collection of Photographs. 1947-8

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The Bicurim ceremony on Shavuot. Eretz Israel - Collection of Photographs. 1947-8

34 photographs from the ceremony of bringing the Bicurim during the Shavuot celebration in Eretz Israel, 1947-8.

From the beginning of the new settlement in Eretz Israel, most villages and kibbutzim used to conduct Bicurim ceremonies, which also celebrate the end of the harvest. During these ceremonies, the participants used to stage a festive performance with songs, dances and a procession of ornamental agricultural tools. Such Bicurim ceremonies were also held in most kindergartens and elementary schools. The day before the holiday, the children are asked to come with white shirts and a basket with fruits of the season, and various events are held in honor of the holiday. (These ceremonies were based on tradition, with the sacrifice of "the two loaves" on Shavuot, the season of raising the fruits of the first fruits to Jerusalem to the priests in the Temple.) Before us an interesting collection of early photographs in which all the features of the ceremony can be seen - the costumes, the bouquets, the dancing, at a girls educational institution in Eretz Israel.

The name of the educational institution where the photographs were taken is not clear to us, but some appear behind the date 1947 or 1948.

Same size: 7x9 cm. Very good condition.