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LOT 85:

Letter of Condolence from the Lubavitcher Rebbe Immediately Following the Rayya"tz's Passing, Adar 1950

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Letter of Condolence from the Lubavitcher Rebbe Immediately Following the Rayya"tz's Passing, Adar 1950

"A tzaddik, even after his passing, continues to exist in this world" (The Rebbe, in this letter before us)

This letter was written in the uncertain twilight between sunset and sunrise, exactly three weeks after the Rayya"tz's passing (apparently the fourth letter after his passing). It includes twelve words in the Rebbe's hand and bears his signature. Rosh Chodesh Adar 1950. Brooklyn, New York.

As is known, in the weeks following the passing, the Rebbe minimized his letter-writing. Indeed, his deep mourning is palpable in this letter: "It is difficult in my present mood to write and respond to letters at all." Yet the Rebbe does not allow his deep mourning to subdue himself nor the Chassidim, and in his pain-filled letter is also full of consolation and hope.

The Rebbe cites the Zohar: "A tzaddik who passes away is present in this world even more than when he was alive." The Rebbe concludes his letter: "And my father-in-law the Admo"r will lead us to proudly to our Land."

Before us is an early letter from the Rebbe (before he assumed leadership). It is written on - relatively rare - official Merkaz L'Inyonei Chinuch stationery. This is Chaba"d's most important body, the umbrella organization of all the ma'ayanot and shlichut enterprises. The 'Merkaz' was directly responsible to the Rebbe, and under his presidency. (The location of the Merkaz was the first floor of 770 Eastern Parkway, which later became the Rebbe's personal residence.) The Merkaz currently administers all the Rebbe's personal property according to the Rebbe's instructions in his will.

[1] leaf paper, 28 cm. Typewritten on official stationery with [12] words in the Rebbe's hand, concluding with his signature.

Very fine condition. Fold marks. Isolated aging stains. Tiny tear in the upper margin without damage or lack.