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LOT 84:

Letter of Guidance from the Rebbe to Succeed in Sermons and Writing Articles, Tammuz 1957

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Letter of Guidance from the Rebbe to Succeed in Sermons and Writing Articles, Tammuz 1957

Important letter of guidance as to how to influence listeners and how to write powerful articles that can influence readers. With the addition of glosses in the hand of the Admo"r Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavtich. 29 Tammuz 1957. Brooklyn, New York.

At the beginning of his words, the Rebbe emphasizes that in order to transmit a precise message to readers, a translation should never be literal, but free. The Rebbe declares that an imprecise translation not only doesn't have the desired effect, but may have the opposite effect, and create distance instead of drawing close. The Rebbe continues, declaring an additional, critical rule: One is required to review the material four or five times before it is printed. So the Rebbe writes in order to speak in public, write an article or even a translation of an article: "Before delivering it in public, the topic must be reviewed four or five times, and all the more so when committing something to writing to be printed for the masses."

It is clear that the letter underwent the Rebbe's thorough proofreading because there are handwritten corrections by the Rebbe in each of its paragraphs.

[1] leaf paper, 27 cm. Typewritten on the Rebbe's official stationery, with the addition of [4] words and many corrections in his hand, signed by the Rebbe's secretary in his name.

Fine condition. Filing perforations. Fold marks.