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LOT 83:

The Rebbe's Promise to Continue Contact with the Chassidim even after his Passing! Extraordinarily Rare

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The Rebbe's Promise to Continue Contact with the Chassidim even after his Passing! Extraordinarily Rare

Lengthy letter, important and rare, extending across two leaves, including glosses, supplements and many corrections in the Rebbe's hand; with his signature. The letter was sent to Tze'irei Agudat Chaba"d in Jerusalem. 12 Mar Cheshvan 1957. Brooklyn, New York.

In the letter before us, the considerable importance the Rebbe attaches to Tze'irei Agudat Chaba"d is palpable. The Rebbe instructs with precision, to the tiniest resolution, emphasizing to them the importance of their role in life and what he expects of them.

In the final passage of the letter, the Rebbe writes astonishing things about the connection between a Rebbe and his Chassidim, even after his passing, writing as follows: " ... members of a Chassidic sect, whose leaders devote themselves to them, not only in this world, but even after their souls ascend heavenward." Here the Rebbe adds another mysterious sentence: "The first redeemer is the last redeemer משה רעיא מהימנא - Moshe did not die." And the Rebbe concludes: "A loyal shepherd is connected to his flock even after his passing."

Therefore, before us is an official and binding document with the Rebbe's signature, in which he declares that the connection with the Chassidim continues even after the ascent of his soul heavenward.

The Admo"r Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson [1902-1994] was the seventh Admo"r in the Lubavitch dynasty. He served as Admo"r from 1951 until his passing. He was a tremendous gaon in all realms of Torah and his net was - and still is - cast across the entire world.

[2] leaves, 27 cm. The letter was typewritten on official stationery with the addition of approximately 10 words, as well as many letters, emphases and corrections in the Rebbe's hand, concluding with his signature.

Fine condition. Filing perforations. Isolated aging stains. Fold marks with tiny tears in the folds without blemish or lack.