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LOT 82:

"Who Spreads Peace on all the Members of his Household, With Wishes for all Goodness, Selah" - Early and Lengthy ...

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"Who Spreads Peace on all the Members of his Household, With Wishes for all Goodness, Selah" - Early and Lengthy Letter with a Unique Signature by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The letter covers two pages, and includes many glosses, supplements and corrections in the Rebbe's hand; with his signature. The letter was sent to Dr. Hillman. 28 Tammuz 1948. Brooklyn, New York.

The letter deals with many fascinating issues in Chassidut and in Kabbalah. The rebbe, in his tremendous genius and mastery of all realms of Torah, flourishes his pen and resolves all of Dr. Hillman's uncertainties: Whether on the subject of Hebrew and Aramaic grammar or about rhymes, all the way through Kabbalah and prophesy. The rebbe ends his letter with blessings for peace and goodness: "הפו"ש [-הפורס שלום] כב"ב [-כל בני ביתו] שי' [-שיחיו] ומאחל כט"ס [-כל טוב סלה]" and then concludes with his signature and the rare, unique title: "Chairman of the Va'ad HaPoel."

Before us is an early letter from the Rebbe (approximately three years before the beginning of his leadership!). It is written on - relatively rare - official Merkaz L'Inyonei Chinuch stationery. This is Chaba"d's most important body, the umbrella organization of all the ma'ayanot and shlichut enterprises. The 'Merkaz' was directly responsible to the Rebbe, and under his presidency. (The location of the 'Merkaz' was the first floor of 770 Eastern Parkway, which later became the Rebbe's personal residence.) The Merkaz currently administers all the Rebbe's personal property according to the instructions the Rebbe left in his will.

[2] leaves, 28 cm. Official stationery. The letter is typewritten with [28] words and many characteristic corrections and punctuation marks in the Rebbe's hand, concluding with his signature.

Very fine condition. Fold mark.