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LOT 107:

Elya Rabba-Har Ha'Carmel. Prague 1812 Lot of two seforim.

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$ 200
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VAT: On commission only

• Elya Rabbah. Prague 1812. Commentary on Seder Taharos. Although this sefer does not say who the publisher was, Vinograd maintains that is was probably R. Shmuel Klein of Prague. Title page with Censor’s permit in German.
Vinograd Prague 1112. Vinograd Sifrei Ha’Gra 242. 1, 47 pages. 20.5 cm. Fine condition. Unbound.
• Har HaCarmel Prague 1812. Super commentary on the glosses of the Shach and Vilna Gaon on Shulchon Oruch Yoreh De’ah by R. Shimon Krumina Oppenheim. With a detailed list of pre subscribers, including R. Eliezer Fleckles, R. Shmuel Landau, R. Mordechai Banet, R. Boruch Frenkel (Boruch Ta’am), R. Yitzchok Eisek Taub of Kaliv and R. Dovid Deitsch.
Vinograd Prague 1115. Vinograd Sifrei Ha’Gra 782. [8], 2-31 pages. 20.5 cm. Fine condition. One page slightly torn. Unbound.
Opening bid $200

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