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LOT 105:

Afikei Yehuda. Part two. First Edition. Johannesburg 1854.

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Derashos for Shabbos and Yom Tov and various other occasions, by R. Yehuda HaLevy Edal.
R. Yehuda HaLevy Edal (1754-1827), served as a Magid in Slonim. He was renowned as great Talmid Chochom, as well an expert Darshan and was extremely proficient in Aggada, Midrash and Dikduk. When the Gaon saw his Sefer on Dikduk, he was greatly impressed and requested to meet him, and he became close to the Gaon. Upon the passing of the Gaon he delivered a Hesped in Slonim.
Author of Mai Naftoiach and Mayim Tehorim.
At the beginning of the sefer there are lengthy introductions, as well as some lengthy verses, by the author’s sons and grandsons.
Vinograd Johannesburg 11. [10], 238 pages. 2 title pages. 22.5 cm. Overall good condition. Small hole on page 31. Antique binding (loose). Bound with Afikei Yehuda part one, Eydtkuhnen 1872.
Opening bid $150

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