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LOT 99:

Tziloisah D'Avrohom. Chidushei M'Har'MA. Only Edition. (Ostrog) [Sodilkov] 1821.

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Copy of R. Naftoli Maryles son of R. Shimon of Yaroslov.
Novella on various tractates of the Talmud, authored by R. Moshe Avraham Abish Margulies. With extensive notes, as well as additional novella, by the publisher R. Dovid Shlomo Eibeshitz (author of the Arvei Nachal and Levushei S’rod), who was married to the author’s granddaughter.
R. Moshe Avraham Abish Margulies (1720- 1802), was a renowned Talmid Chochom who served as Rav in Horodenka and Zabno. He was held in great awe by his rabbinical contemporaries for his vast scholarship and piety.
Chaim Lieberman in his Ohel Rachel (vol. 1 p. 459), demonstrates that although bibliographers catalog the printing of this book in Ostrog, it was in fact printed in Sodilkov.
R. Naftoli Maryles, (1828-1890) was a son of the legendary R. Shimon of Yaroslov. Although greatly respected, he declined to become a Rebbe. He served as Rav in Litvisk and was close to many great Tzadikim particularly the Rebbes of Belz and Zidichoiv.
Stefansky 499. Vinograd Sodilkov 58. Biltesh press. 1, 99, pages. 31.5 cm. Blue paper. Overall very fine condition. Some tape enforcement to the title page. Holes on the last two pages effecting text. Modern binding.
Opening bid $350

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