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LOT 46:

Ohr Yisroel. Polemic regarding the “Cleve Get”. First edition. Cleves 1770. Censored Edition.

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The only sefer book published in Cleves.
Authored by R. Yisroel Lipchitz (grandfather of the Tiferes Yisroel) on the topic of the infamous “Cleves Get”.
One of the most contentious divorces in Jewish history was the “Get of Cleves” in the late 18th century, which caused a rift between several rabbinic courts in Western Europe and was the subject of much Halachic debate. The case involved a husband, who at times exhibited signs of apparent mental illness who gave his wife a get. Since a divorce bill can only be given by a sane individual, much analysis and discussion ensued regarding how this individual should be classified, as well as the precise definition of insanity, in Halocha.
Censored edition. Lacking chapters 34-36 containing the severely critical expressions of the Frankfurt Rabbinate. Additionally, there are various changes in chapter 33. The censored text also excludes another responsa by R. Aryeh Leib, Av Beis Din of Hanover, against the Frankfurt Torah scholars, a responsa by R. Yitzchak Horowitz, Av Beis Din of Hamburg and extremely critical polemical contributions by R. Yisroel Lipchitz himself.
Vinograd Cleve 1. Sismann press. 31, 33-66, 69-120 leaves. 18.5 cm. Fine condition. Modern binding.
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