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LOT 26:

Pri Chodosh Yore-Deah. First Edition. Amsterdam 1692. The R. Moshe Lviv copy.

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Classic commentary on Shulchon Oruch-Yoreh De’ah, authored by R. Chizkiyahu Di Silva. Although initially received with opposition, and even banned by the Rabbinate in Egypt, the ban was later rescinded and the Pri Chodosh is one of the most frequently used commentaries on the Shulchan Oruch, quoted extensively by the later Achronim.
R. Chizkiyahu Di Silva (1659-1698), was born in Livorno and was a pupil of R. Shmuel of Kushta. He immigrated to Eretz Yisroel, settling in Yerusholayim where he studied in the Yeshiva of R. Moshe Galanti. Appointed as a Shadar, he traveled extensively of behalf of the impoverished residents of the old Yishuv. Whilst in Amsterdam, he was prevailed upon to stay as Rav, a position he held for four years, during which he published his sefer Pri Chodosh.
R. Moshe Lviv (died 1788), was a son and pupil of R. Yehoshua Heschel Lviv, whom he succeeded as Rav of Tahrir. The Lviv family were a distinguished rabbinical family, serving for generations as the Rabbonim of Tahrir and its environs.
Vinograd Amsterdam 608. Tartas press. [2], 130 pages. 31 cm. Fine condition. Scattered worming, at times affecting some text. Modern binding.
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