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LOT 3:

Sefer HaChinuch. First Edition Venice 1523. Post Incunabula!

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Sold for: $1,800
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$ 1,500
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First edition of the classic Sefer Ha’Chinuch. The Mitzvos are listed according to weekly Torah portions and the sefer is structured correspondingly. The sefer is structured with each Mitzva discussed from its Biblical source, followed by the “shoresh” which discusses the underlying understanding behind the mitzvah and concluding with a brief overview of the Halocha governing its observance – usually based on the RaMBaM. It remains one of the most classic seforim of Jewish thought providing an overview of man’s obligations Vis a Vis the commandments. It is frequently studied with the commentary Minchas Chinuch.
There is extensive discussion on whom the author of the Sefer Ha’Chinuch was. In the introduction, the author refers to himself as “Ish Yehudi M’Bais Levi Barceloni”. The publishers of the first edition attributed the Sefer to Rabbeinu Aaron Ha’Levy, who was a talmid of the Ramban and the Rebbi of the Ritva. This was accepted for many years by most of the Achronim including the Shach (Yore Deah 25:2, 70:31 and in various other places), and R. Akiva Eiger (Teshuvos Kamma 129 and Tosfos R. Akiva Eiger on Mishnayos, Bava Metzia Perek 9). The Chida however in Shem HaGedolim (Rabbeinu Aaron Ha’Levy) points out various discrepancies with this assumption and until today the authors’ identity is unclear.
Lacking the title page as well as the last 11 pages, all provided in facsimile.
Vinograd Venice 78. Daniel Bomberg press. 167 of [179] pages. 24.5 cm. Most pages in fine condition. Worming in some places effecting text. 2 pages with slight damage effecting text. Elegant modern leather binding.
Opening bid $1500

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