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LOT 35:

Shevet Mussar - Jerusalem 1863 - The beginning of the printing press of Rabbi Yoel Moshe Salomon.

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The Book of Shevet Mussar. By Rabbi Eliyahu HaCohen of Izmir. The book is known as one of the most common moral books. Printed in various editions. Jerusalem 1863.

This edition marks a milestone in the history of printing in Jerusalem. R. Israel Beck was a single printer until 1862. In the same year, his two partners, Rabbi Michel HaCohen and Rabbi Yoel Moshe Salomon (together with Rabbi Yechiel Brill) began to work independently in the printing industry. They decided to study the work so as not to make their doctrine a hurdle to dig it. They went to Konigsberg where they studied printing.
This book was chosen to be the first to go to the new printing house they established, as stated in the introduction: "To sanctify our new printing house in this holy book." Therefore they bothered and brought the approbations of the great men of Jerusalem for this printing. Their agreements serve, in effect, as a general agreement on the right of members to establish their own printing press.
Although, in the end, they were early to print another book, due to various considerations.
The printers wrote in large letters at the title page of the second part: "A new printing press was praised," and an impressive illustration of the printing press was printed under the sentence.
The book includes two parts that were bound together.
[1], 130 page.
A collector's item is important and rare!
Good condition. Few pages detached. No binding.

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