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 Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 41:

Collection of rare books on Tractate Avot.

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Collection of rare commentaries on Tractate Avot:
1. Tractate Avot with Maharam Schick's commentary, first edition, paksh 1890. On the title page an ownership signature of Rabbi Ben Zion Wez'el. Served as Rabbi of Torda in Transylvania for thirty-six years and as President of the Orthodox Congregation of Transylvania, was ordained by Rabbi Chanania Yom Tov Lipa Teitelbaum, author of Kedushat Yom Tov.
Bound with:
2. Tractate Avot with commentary Yein Levanon. By Rabbi Naftali Hertz Weisel. Warsaw 1894.
Bound with:
3. Tractate Avot with Yarim Moshe commentary by the Alsheich. And with Chasdei Avot commentary by the Chida - Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulay, Warsaw 1872?

4. Tractate Avot - Imrei Noam, including two commentaries, Nozer Chesed by Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Komarna, and commentary of Magen Avot - collection of Sages and Chassidut books by Rabbi Moshe Chaitin of Irzne. Warsaw, 1928.

5. Tractate Avot with commentary Nozer Chesed. By Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Makomarna. Jerusalem, 1912. No binding.

6. Minchat Yisrael, commentary on Tractate Avot. By Rabbi Yisrael Chaim Bruin. Munkacz, 1903. Single edition, on the title-an ownership stamp of Rabbi Ben Zion Wez'el, above.

7. Tractate Avot with commentary Mevaser Tzedek. By Rabbi David Zvi Katz Katzburg. Editor of Tel Talpiot Magazine. Witzean (Wach, Hungary), 1911.

8. Tractate Avot with commentary and compilation by Rabbi David Hillel Menashe Sathon. Jerusalem, 1930.

9. Knesset Yisrael on Pirkei Avot. With commentary by Rashi and Midrash Shmuel by Rabbi Shmuel Di Uzida, with a broad commentary, Pshat and Drash called "Knesset Yisrael", by Rabbi Yisrael Goldman Av Beit Din of Grosswardein. Part 1 and 2. First Edition. Se'ayni, 1924. 5. Stamp of Rabbi Shmuel Kipnis, consent of "Ahavat Yisrael" of Vizhnitz, in part 2, "History of the Kurlander family.

10. Tractate Avot with commentary and Likut 'Ateret Avot'. By Rabbi Menachem Chaim Morasha. Part II [separate title page] Notes and novellae on six Sidrei Mishnah. Warsaw, 1884. rare and single edition. Ownership stamps of Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Herzog and of Rabbi Moshe Isaac Spector of the Lower East Side rabbis of New York in the 1920s [Apirion,  Budapest 1926 page 65].
Very good general condition.

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