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LOT 40:

Chumash Bereshit with "Limudey Hashem" - Budapest, 1927.

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Chumash Bereshit [Parshiot Bereishit and Noah]. With the commentary of Rashi Onkelos etc., and with a long and new commentary, "Limudei HaShem" by the famous Rabbi Yeesen Shteif of Budapest.
Vol. I: Budapest. 1927. Chapter 1 and the first three verses of chapter 2. [3], 13, 236, [4] page.

Vol. 2, 2-11 (until the end of Parashat Noach). 1932. [4], 237-570 page.

Important approbations are: Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein, the Admor of Munkacz, Rabbi Mordechai Winkler Av Beit Din of Mad, Rabbi Akiva Sofer [Av Beit Din of Pressburg] and more.
Very good condition.

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