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LOT 7:

Me'il Tzedaka Responsa - First Edition, Prague, 1756.

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Questions and Answers Me'il Tzedaka. Prague, 1756. First edition, illustrated title page with woodcut.
Printed anonymously, but The rabbis of Prague (the "Noda B'Yehuda" and his Beit Din), with their agreement, discover that the author is the Ga'on Rabbi Yonah Landsofer. On the page after the title page, the author writes that his son-in-law Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz sent him an agreement to the book, but because of the war (the seven-year war) the agreement was lost and the printers urged him to finish printing.
At the end of the book is a "pamphlet compiled from the books of Euclidus" with geometric illustrations and diagrams.
[6] 82 p.
Good condition. Few pages detached. Worn cover. No front cover

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