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Dec 23, 2018 (your local time)
 Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 32:

Collection of rare books with annotations on five scrolls.

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Collection of rare books with annotations on five scrolls.
1. Sefer Ayyub with two commentaries - by Rabbi Simcha Aryeh of Hrubieszow - Warsaw 1838. Bound with lamentations for Tisha B'Av, Warsaw, 1867.

2. Megilat Eicha - with commentary by Rabbi Aharon Wolff of Alali - Vilna, 1852.
Bound with Megilat Kohelet with commentary by the sage Rabbi David Friedlander, Vilna.

3. Megillat Kohelet with 'Maspik' commentary by Rabbi Baruch Weberer of Beradi. Lemberg 1862 - Signature of Rabbi Noach Weintraub - Bound with a pamphlet "Meymey Ha'Yarden" by Rabbi Ya'akov David Weintroib of Radomsk.

4. Shir HaShirim with the commentary of Milta B'taama by Rabbi Moshe Leib Feinstein - Jerusalem 1924 - Signature of Rabbi Noach Weintraub - with rare title page and two approbations that are not in all forms - rare.

5. New commentary on the Book of Ruth, Eichah, Kohelet, and Esther - by Rabbi Yosef Zechariah Stern - Vilna 1876 - signed by Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Shapira and Rabbi Isaac HaLevi Herzog.

6. Midrash Eicha - with the commentary "Matnot Kehunah" and the commentary "Darkey Zion" from the Maggid of Dubna - Vilna 1876 - on the first page there is an inscription that the book belongs to Rabbi Ben Zion ben Rabbi Shalom of Boisk 1890.

7. Shir HaShirim - with Yosef Baur - by Rabbi Yosef Yaffe - Vilna 1881 - On the first leaf is a ownership inscription that the book belongs to Rabbi Av Beit Din of Zoym [Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchak Levin son of Rabbi Shmuel Naftali Hirsh HaLevi Epstein].

8. Shir HaShirim with Arugat HaBosem by Rabbi Moshe Osterer of the Sages of Brad - Pshemishil 1895.
Rabbi Moshe Osterer Magid Meisharim of Brad and one of the greatest sages of the Kloiz Davarad together with Rabbi Chaim Tzanzar of Brad.

9. Megilat Ruth with a commentary Chesed L'Meshicho - by Rabbi Eliyahu Akiva Rabinavitz Av Beit Din of Paltava - Warsaw 1898.

10. Shir HaShirim with commentary by Nachmanides and commentary by the pharmacist - Pietrekov 1911. Stamp of book by Rabbi Menachem Hager.

11. Vol. With Sefer Tachlit Hochma on Kohelet - Birkat Kodesh on Shir HaShirim - Beit Tefila on Seder HaTfilah - Lodz 1925-1932 - by Rabbi Baruch Bendt Gliksman.

Overall good condition.

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