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LOT 48:

Shvilei Emunah - copy of Admor Rabbi Alter Biderman of Lelov.

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The Book Shvilei Emunah. Studies on the ways of faith The wisdom of medicine and quality. Warsaw, 1875.
The book contains ownership stamps of the holy Rebbe, Rabbi Alter Avraham Bezalel Natan Neta Biderman.
At the end of the book is a copy of Chidushei Chatam Sofer on Tractate Tamid
The Admor Rabbi Avraham Bezalel Natan Neta Biderman was also known as R. Alter (1862-1933), and at the beginning of the First World War he went to Poland and settled in the city of Sosnowiec, where he ran his court and was known in Poland as "The Admor of the Land of Israel".
[2], 80 p.
Good condition. Cover rubbing.