Auction 7 Rare books, privileged copies, Chassidut, rare letters, Chabad, bills, coins, medals, and more.

By TZolman's auction

Tuesday, 4.9.18 , 1 Mevo Ktzia - gilo jerusalem

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LOT 13:

A large collection [17] from which the rubber stamps were created for the famous Hasidic institutions in Jerusalem.

Sold for: $70
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$ 10
Auction house commission: 20% More details
VAT: On commission only
04/09/2018 at TZolman's auction

1. Carlin Stolin - Ateret Yisrael.
2. Tiferet Yisrael - Ruzhin - in the Old City.
3. The Great Yeshiva Toldot Aharon.
4. Talmud Torah and Yeshiva of Chassidic Gur.
5. The Vishnitz House.
6. Kollel Chassidim in Bobov.
7. Yeshiva and Kollel Kretchnif-Sighet.
8. Keren HaChnasat Kallah Fund - Toldot Aharon.
9. Midrash Shlomo - Hasidism of Slonim.
10. Yeshivat Nehali Emunah-Kartishnif-Sighet.
11. Bet Midrash of Ratzon Yosef-Zidtszów-Spinka.
12. Ezer Nisuin- Breslov Hasidism.
13. Merchav- Social Welfare - Belz Hasidim.
14. Kollel and Beit Midrash - Zidtshov Hassidism.
15. Institutions of Biala-Kedushat Ya'akov.
16. Kinyan Torah Company - Breslov Hasidism.
17. Kollel Yitav Lev - Satmar Hasidism.
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