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LOT 14:

Colorful lithograph - Shaul Raskin, signed.

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$ 40
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VAT: On commission only
04/09/2018 at TZolman's auction

Size: 20X25 cm, signed.
Condition; Very Good.
Shaul Raskin (1866-1966) was a Jewish painter in the 20th century.
Who was born in Ukraine and studied art in Odessa. After completing his studies he toured Europe and eventually around 1904-1905 he emigrated to the United States. He was very active in the Jewish press in New York City.
Particularly known in illustrations of classical Jewish books: Pirkei Avot, Pesach Haggadah and five scrolls. Another successful volume of his paintings is bound around his dreams. His illustrations also decorated the edition of "Chayei Adam" by the author Shalom Aleichem, published by Stiebel.
As a proud Zionist, he toured the Land of Israel several times (starting in the 1920s) and even published a book with a selection of his paintings of the landscapes and nature of the Land of Israel, with an emphasis on pioneering life.