Auction 8 ספרים נדירים, מהדורות ראשונות, עותקים מיוחסים, חסידות, מכתבים נדירים, חב"ד, שטרות, מטבעות, מדליות, ועוד
Sunday, 14.10.18 , Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 30:

Two Likutei Moharan books - important and rare editions.

Sold for: $140
Start price:
$ 70
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
14/10/2018 at Ometz auctions

1. Likutei Moharan Tanyana - Poland, 1850 Very rare copy. Fake Edition.
The catalog of the National Library states that the year of printing appearing on the title page, 1809, does not reflect the year in which the book was actually printed, since Rabbi Nachman was among the living in this year while the title page marks that he past. Moreover, The typography of the letters is evident in the famous printing presses of Lemberg, or Zalka in the year 1850.
Missing copy. 26 pages. [Originally 29 pages]
Condition: Poor. No binding. Tears. Damage to text in corner of book. Stains.
2. Likutei Moharan L'Amberg, 1876. Braille printing. Unusual edition.
122 leaves
Fair condition. No binding. Time stains. Fragile paper with tears at edges.