Auction 8 ספרים נדירים, מהדורות ראשונות, עותקים מיוחסים, חסידות, מכתבים נדירים, חב"ד, שטרות, מטבעות, מדליות, ועוד

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Sunday, 14.10.18 , Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 3:

Pirach Mateh Aharon Responsa - First Edition, Amsterdam, 1703.

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14/10/2018 at Ometz auctions

Pirat Mateh Aharon, Questions and Answers, Parts 1-2, by Rabbi Aharon HaCohen Perachia. [The auther of Bigdei Kehunah] First Edition. Amsterdam, 1703.
Gates with illustrations of Aharon HaKohen and the symbols of his priesthood as a reference to the name of the author, who was a member of a family of rabbis and high priests, and served as the "Kollel" Rabbi in Salonika from 1689 until his death in 1697.
The titles of these two books were published as the gates of beautiful books at the gates of printed books, and they occupied many scholars. On the upper part of the title-page is the Ark of Testimony, with figures of priests in full priestly garb, and hands at the bottom, like clapping hands, and a drawing of Netilat Cohens hands. Between the two illustrations at the bottom of the page is an illustration of the author holding the Tablets of the Law and facing the sea, a hint to the port city where he served as Rabbi - Thessaloniki.
[4], 249; [1], 168 p. 31 cm. 
Fine copy in good condition. Stains. Original cover [missing front cover]. Several tears at first title page and 3 additional leaves [in 2 of them with missing text].