Auction 8 ספרים נדירים, מהדורות ראשונות, עותקים מיוחסים, חסידות, מכתבים נדירים, חב"ד, שטרות, מטבעות, מדליות, ועוד

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LOT 16:

138 Pitchei Chochma L'Ramhal" - First Edition, with the rare introduction - Koretz, 1785.

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14/10/2018 at Ometz auctions

138 Pitchei Chochma. - Introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalah by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal). Corinth, 1785. First edition.
Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - the Ramchal, known for his work, Mesilat Yesharim, also dealt with Kabbalah and wrote essays in kabbala.
In the Hebrew bibliography factory, there were forms in which the name was disrupted and the name "Luztaau" was written. In this copy, the name appears on the title page "Lutztau", but there is the foreground of the printer.
With the approbation of the Admor Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef son of Rabbi Yehudah Leib of Ostra, a disciple of the Maggid of Mezritch (known as Rav Yevi, Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef ben Yehuda, see Encyclopaedia of Hasidism, 2, p. 267 : "The great Rabbi of the Holy One, Moshe Chaim Luzzatto z" l, and this is the Torah that Moses put before Israel, to understand the words of the sages and their riddles.
114 leaves. Missing 2 last leaves [original: 116 leaves]. 18.5 cm.
Fair-poor condition. Moth holes. Stains. Tears. No binding. Detached pages