Auction 8 ספרים נדירים, מהדורות ראשונות, עותקים מיוחסים, חסידות, מכתבים נדירים, חב"ד, שטרות, מטבעות, מדליות, ועוד

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Sunday, 14.10.18 , Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 22:

Kabalah. The Second and Third Gates - First Edition, Salonika 1862.

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14/10/2018 at Ometz auctions

the book Hasha'ar the second [ Sha'ar Ma'amarei Rashbi] and the third [Sha'ar Ma'amarei Razal] from 8 gatets,witch was written by rabi Chaim Vital as it was received by Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi.  Rav Shmuel Vital arranged, from his father handwriting Maharchu himself. 

Includes commentary on Pirkei Avot by Rabbi Chaim Vital. The beginning of the book is an introduction by Rabbi Shmuel Vital, who

added notes and glosses in the book. First edition, Salonika 1862.

25, 69, 25 p.

Very good condition. Few stains.