Auction 8 ספרים נדירים, מהדורות ראשונות, עותקים מיוחסים, חסידות, מכתבים נדירים, חב"ד, שטרות, מטבעות, מדליות, ועוד

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Sunday, 14.10.18 , Rav Shach 25 Beitar Ilit
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LOT 18:

Sefer Chomat Anach, Chida - First Edition, Pisa 1803 - Rare!

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14/10/2018 at Ometz auctions

Arba V'Esrim part Three, with the commentary of Chomat Anach, by Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai [Chida] 1803. First Edition.
Nevi'im Achronim with commentary from the Chida.from the last books of the Chida.the Book is not common. All the books printed by the Hida are wanted.
Benayahu, Sifrei HaChida 40.
188 Pages, missing 2 last leaves [originally: 190 pages]. 21 cm.
Fair-good condition. Binding is simple. Few stains of time. Creases. Few moth holes.