Auction 4 Fine Antique Judaica

By Legacy judaica

Monday, 8.10.18 , Freehold Jewish Center 59 Broad Street, Freehold NJ. 07728

Time in New Jersey: 15:00

Time in Israel: 22:00

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LOT 8:

Sefer Yeztirah First Edition. Mantua 1562.

Sold for: $2,250
Start price:
$ 1,000
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
08/10/2018 at Legacy judaica

Sefer Yeztirah, attributed to Avraham Avinu, with the commentaries of R. Saadiah Gaon, R. Eliezer of Worms, the RaMBaN and the RA’VAD. Printed with Kabalistic charts and sketches. Some of the sketches are charts for calculating the “arrangements of the Divine names” and other Kabalistic intentions.
The Sefer Yeztirah is among the most fundamental Sifrei Kabbala. Many of the greatest Mekubalim learned and wrote commentaries on it. According to Rabbinic tradition, in certain circumstances the Sefer Yeztirah was used to create a “Golem”.
Like most copies, this copy is lacking the rare additional zodiac chart.
Vinograd Mantua 86. Gazulo press. 105 pages. 20 cm. Very fine condition. Minor repairs to the title page not effecting text. Antique binding (detached).
Opening bid $1000