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Monday, 8.10.18 , Freehold Jewish Center 59 Broad Street, Freehold NJ. 07728

Time in New Jersey: 15:00

Time in Israel: 22:00

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LOT 4:

Levush Venice 1620. Complete Impressive Set. Handwritten Glosses

Start price:
$ 1,300
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
08/10/2018 at Legacy judaica

Impressive edition of the Levush, by R. Mordechai Yaffe, printed a few years after the author’s passing. Includes all four parts; Levush Ha’Tcheiles on Orach Chaim, Levush Ateres Zahav on Yoreh De’ah, Levush Ha’Butz V’Argamon on Even Ha’ezer and Levush Ir Shushan on Choshen Mishpat. With four title pages, bound in three magnificent volumes.
This edition was printed under the supervision of R. Yehuda Aryeh of Modena, who writes in his introduction that although the author assumed “Minhag Ashkenaz” as the prevailing custom, since those customs are not followed by the Sephardic communities he has placed the customs unique to Ashkenazim in parenthesis. At the end of the Even Ha’Ezer there are approbations from eight distinguished Venetian Rabbonim.
R. Mordechai Yaffe (1530-1612), known as the Ba’al Ha’Levush, was born in Prague and studied under R. Shlomo Luria, (Ma’HarShaL) in Lublin and the Rema in Cracow. After his marriage he settled in Prague where he established a Yeshiva. Following the expulsion of the Jews from Prague in 1557, he settled in Italy. He later served in various important rabbinical positions, including Lublin, Prague and Posen. Received with enormous acclaim, the Levush is considered one of the most basic and important Halachic works.
With various unidentified signatures and glosses.
Vinograd Venice 1122-1125 Giovanni Kalioni press. 201, [2]. 148, [2]. 87, [1]. 148, [2] pages. 33 cm. Overall good condition. The first part has some damage, the other 3 parts in excellent condition. Magnificent uniform modern leather bindings.
Opening bid $1300