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Shirei Eretz Yisrael - the Macabbee and HeChalutz Federations in Germany, Berlin 1935

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21/08/2018 at Winner'S

Shirei Eretz Yisrael - patriotic songs with musical notes, published by the Macabbee Federation in Germany and the HeChalutz Federation in Germany, collected and published by Dr. Yaakov Schenberg, Judischer Verlag publishing, Berlin 1935, among the movements' last publications on German soil before the Holocaust. Including songs published here for the first time. Rare.

A sense of security on German soil is discernible from the book's introduction, and the hope for the future of the Jewish people, just a few years before the outbreak of the terrible Holocaust: 'The living conditions and cultural creativity of our people has changed drastically. The tear torn in the heart of our nation over thousands of years of wandering in the diaspora has begun to heal ... out of a great desire to build a new life ...'

The opening song is HaTikvah in its initial version ['התקוה הנושנה, לשוב לארץ אבותנו העיר בה דוד חנה'] ['The old hope, to return to the land of our ancestors, where David encamped'] under the title Songs of Enthusiasm. There are also unknown songs of the homeland such as 'למולדתי הבאת אותי' ['You brought me to my Homeland'], 'מתרפ"ט עדי תר"ץ חיש הולך' ['From 1929 it's quickly turning into 1930'] and more.

In 1934 the HeChalutz movement numbered approximately 15,000 members, and about a fifth of them underwent (aliyah) preparation in about 32 different facilities. In 1941 their preparation facilities were eliminated by order of the Nazis - some were closed and the rest turned into Jewish youth forced labor camps.

208 pages. 17 cm. Red page cuts. Fine condition.