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Nos los inquisidores apostolicos, contra la ...

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Nos los inquisidores apostolicos, contra la heretica pravedad, y apostasia en esta Ciudad de Mexico, Estados, y Provincias de la Nueva-España, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Filipinas, y su districto y cercania.
pp. (4). Unbound. Folio.

Mexico: c. 1740.

General edict circulated at the request of the Promotor Fiscal, warning the faithful against prevailing heresies. With sections devoted to Ley de Moysen, Secta de Mahoma, Secta de Lutero, Secta de los Alumbrados, Diversas heregias, Solicitud and Libros.
     According to Jorge René González Marmolejo’s “Sexo y confesión: La Iglesia y la penitencia en los siglos XVIII y XIX en la Nueva España?” (2002), the Inquisition regarded particular heresies in order of severity. The first was Judaism (La Ley de Moises), followed by Secta de Mahoma (Islam), Secta de Lutero (Protestants), Secta de los Alumbrados; followed by heresies such as invoking the devil, witchcraft and lastly the libidinous sins.
     This document is a direct prohibition of Judaism and seeks to promote its denunciation. It testifies to the ugliest form of religious persecution conducted by the Inquisition.
Worldcat records just a single copy (Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley).