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Monday, 26.9.16 (Your local time)
 King George 43, Jerusalem
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LOT 260:

Lot of 5 books bound together, with stamps of Rabbi Yehezkel Pant, Avdak of Desh.

Sold for: $170
Start price:
$ 150
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
26/09/2016 at Moreshet

1. Orech Mishor, Satmar 1909, divrei chochma and mussar. 2. Rafdanoy b’Tapuchim, Padgoriza-Krakow 1896, on Agadot Raba bar Hana, 3. Drishat HaAri Yaasi 1908, droshim. 4. Yalkut HaOrim, Bartfeld 1904. 5. Vayikra Yaakov al Midrashim Stumim, 1908, binding is disconnected, ok to good condition. Rabbi Yehezkel Panat (the 2nd), born in 1870 in Nimija, Romania, died 1930, he was the Admor of Desh, and compiler of the book Knesset Yehezkel, founding of Desh chassidut. Rav Yehezkel Panet the first was his great-grandfather.