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Rare Letter from Rabbi Shimon Greenfield, Arbitrator of Sighet, to the Arugas Habosem, Arbitrator of ...

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30/08/2018 at Genazym

Rare Letter from Rabbi Shimon Greenfield, Arbitrator of Sighet, to the Arugas Habosem, Arbitrator of Vizhnitz
Vizhnitz – Sighet Dispute.
A letter regarding a dispute concerning the presidency of the Marmarush Kollel between the Chassidim of the Atzei Chaim of Sighet and the Chassidim of the Ahavas Yisrael of Vizhnitz.
While the kollel had always been led by the leaders of Kosov-Vizhnitz, in 1908 the Sighet Chassidim brought forth the claim that most of the donations were from the city of Sighet, among other claims. The matter was brought to beis din with the Arugas Habosem representing Vizhnitz and the Maharshag, Sighet.
The court case took place in Chust and resulted in a compromise dividing the presidency between the two Chassidic courts.
One of the arguments raised by the Sighet Chassidim was that the Ahavas Yisrael of Vizhnitz did not support the decision to resign from the general community and join the Orthodox community instead. Therefore, section 2 of the ruling stated that he publish an open letter clarifying the topic, which he did.
In this letter, the Maharshag writes that the issued letter had not been unequivocal enough, and requests from the Vizhnitz arbitrator that the Ahavas Yisrael issue a new statement clarifying that shchita by a shochet who was not from the Orthodox community was forbidden. He explains that it will be more effective if issued by the Ahavas Yisrael himself; firstly out of respect for the Admor, and secondly as he (the Maharshag) was the arbitrator of the opposing side.
Rabbi Shimon Greenfield was one of the rabbinical leaders of Hungary in his generation. He was a disciple of the Maharam Shick and Rabbi Chaim of Sanz and is known for his sefer Responsa Maharshag.
Dated Nissan, 1908.
1 leaf | 14 x 22 cm | Double-sided | Small tear affecting text

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