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Suissia Books

Suissia Books

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History for sale - Auction 28

Wednesday, 9.5.18

Suissia Books

Wednesday, 13.9.17
suissia books

Suissia Books

Tuesday, 1.5.18

Ometz auctions - Auction 8

Sunday, 14.10.18

Legacy judaica - Auction 4

Monday, 8.10.18
Fine Antique Judaica

Time in New Jersey: 15:00

Time in Israel: 22:00

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Archaeological Center Ltd - Auction 65

Thursday, 27.9.18
Coins, Weights, Seals, Jewelry, Oil Lamps, Glass, Antiquities

Moreshet - Auction 20

Wednesday, 5.9.18
Books, Kodesh books, Hassidic books, Rabbinical letters, Manuscripts, Judaika objects and more


Tuesday, 4.9.18
Win-One Auction - Rare Rectification ("Tikkun") Written by the Ben Ish Chai

TZolman's auction - Auction 7

Tuesday, 4.9.18
Rare books, privileged copies, Chassidut, rare letters, Chabad, bills, coins, medals, and more.

Genazym - Auction 3

Thursday, 30.8.18
Genazym 3 Prime selection of historical Jewish Antiques

Future auctions

Winner'S - Auction 110

Wednesday, 7.11.18, 17:00
Winner's Unlimited - Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

Winner'S - Auction 111

Tuesday, 27.11.18, 17:30
Rare Books, Manuscripts, Letters of Rabbis and Rebbes

Kedem - Auction 64

Thursday, 31.1.19, 17:00
Jewish and Israeli History and Culture